I’ve written for companies in various styles, but social media friendly content is my bread and butter. This includes a powerful headline, short, snappy articles (ranging from about 500-1,000 words) and a conversational tone. You can see a few examples of my work below.


I currently work as the Content Manager for FamilyShare. My articles have brought in 31 million page views (and counting). And in case you’re wondering what’s up with all the marriage articles, our audience really digs them.

This is what your baby really feels when you cry during pregnancy

13 perfect ways a husband shows his children he’s crazy about his wife

19 gestures that make a woman feel absolutely adored

This is what a dietician eats in an average day

6 small ways a man makes his wife feel ugly without saying a thing

Your reaction to these pictures will reveal 3 deep truths about you (Quiz)

52 unconventional Valentines gifts any woman would actually want to get

Woman catches two neighbor boys on camera; what they do will shock any parent

A husband’s 4 biggest needs, a wife’s 4 biggest needs

2016’s most beautifully unique baby names

10 simple ways to make your hair grow faster

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I worked for the Money Wise section of Deseret News starting in 2012. During my six month internship, I was the author with the most page views for three months in a row.

Justin Bieber urges teenagers to learn to budget in video

Utah, other large LDS populations highest in marriage but lowest in life insurance

Students barter community service for tuition and groceries

Consumers will soon be able to switch to a regular 401(k) to a Roth 401(k)

Are you prepared for the fiscal cliff? A guide to what it is and how it can affect you

Checking Facebook at work could be a federal crime, two Boston College professors say

This habit that could cost $70,000 over 20 years


I ran Idahoan’s blog during my four month marketing internship. During that time, we ran a soup competition and launched a new product, which is what we covered on the blog.

Honestly simple. Honestly delicious. 

The soup with a kick

The accidental winner

Your dreams of traveling to Italy will all be fulfilled with one bite of this heavenly soup


8 self-help books that will actually inspire change

This habit kills as many people as smoking (and you’ve already done it today)

Surprising benefits of chewing gum (I did not come up with this boring title)